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Why I love my husband, depsite his flaws!

I am honestly TOTALLY obsessed with my husband. Why else would I be living in the boonies this far away from home? If I could, I would be with him 24/7 and stare at him, hold him, and talk with him. I am very thankful he didn’t file for a divorce after this blog post I wrote starring scandalous pictures of him and our cat earlier in the week.  ( Pray he doesn’t file after this one too!) We are going to be celebrating our 3 year anniversary in a few weeks; however, we have been together almost 7 years, living in sin for the majority of it.   Which is a blessing as you will see below!

Why I love my husband…in no particular order:

He is SUCH a hunkI never thought I would marry such a hot piece of @ss.

He NEVER leaves empty containers around the house for weeks at a time. I looked at that upside down container for 3 weeks,couldn’t take it any longer and threw it out.

After he shaves he ALWAYS cleans up after himself.

He ALWAYS puts his clothes in the laundry basket.

He ALWAYS hangs up his towel after a shower.

He is the BEST father, our Lovebug is one lucky girl!

Can you sense any sarcasm in 3 of these 5 statements?

What does your partner do to annoy you?  What do you do to piss them off?

I’m actually lucky I didn’t marry some OCD Clean Freak or he would have left me a long time ago. I can admit we are both equally messy in our own ways.Nobody is perfect, I get that!  We all have personal “flaws”, I can only think of  three I know he would list for me:

1) I do not flush the toilet during the night.  To save water and not wake him up…

2) I make a god awful noise with my throat (mostly in the morning) if I have an itch.

3)  I can’t be quiet…when I try to be quiet I make more noise…I suck at it…especially in the morning!

He has it good, he could be married to some high maintenance biatch who orders him around and tells him what to do.  Just like I am not actually complaining about him.  I would prefer to be married to a guy who adores me for who I am, contributes to the cooking/cleaning/grocery shopping/being a dad and is a LITTLE messy than some guy who was out at the bars all the time and would rather be with his friends than me.

The moral of Friday’s story?  I’m SO glad we lived together before we got married.

PS. Babe, your pants called and wanted to know where the laundry basket was?  Thanks for being a good sport, best friend, and amazing husband and father. I love you!

  1. Maureen | TatterScoops Reply
    So cute and hilarious at the same time LOL! That last picture sealed the deal. You two makes a beautiful couple :D
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks so much Maureen! We have a great time together, I think that is what's important. Luckily he is a great sport and puts up with his cra-cra wifey. I've always been this way so it's no surprise. Have a great day, thanks so much for stopping in!
    • Marissa Reply
      Awe thanks Maureen! He still loves me, thank god! Happy Thursday!
  2. Matt Fucking Ely Reply
    Fucking hiliarious!!!
  3. Megan Rone Reply
    Our house is the exact same way- except I do all the crappy stuff and Big Poppa is the good guy! I leave my shoes out, lids off drinks in the fridge, trash on the counter. I blame my mother.... Hopefully my son takes after his daddy!
    • Marissa Reply
      Yeah Megan, I'm not the cleanest, bestest house wife on the block at ALL! It is actually kind of funny because our daughter is the cleanest one of us. She loves to sweep and clean. I think it is because when her Grammy is here that is ALL she does!! LOL! Thanks for the comment!
  4. Tracy Reply
    LMAO - Love it! Especially the photographic proof. Now, I did marry the neat freak who looks at my piles with copious amounts of disdain. And, if he didn't freak with the cat porn, then you guys should be fine! ;)
  5. Jamie H Reply
    Love it!!! And I'm very jealous of your marriage!!!
    • Marissa Reply
      Oh my goodness, you stop that! Seriously...Mrs. Perfect Family!! XO
  6. Sara H Reply
    LOVE LOVE LOVE you two!
    • Marissa Reply
      Love you too girlie! Hopefully he doesn't hate me!

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