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Who doesn’t like a good deal?!?!

I’m a BARGAIN shopper, just ask my husband, friends, and family.  If it is on sale or I have a coupon, I am in retail heaven.  I love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Kohls, and raiding any sales rack.  I typically only purchase a big ticket item if it is on sale, or if the reviews make it worth the investment.  My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t have the patience to look for a DEAL.

Speaking of deals….Have you checked out my Deals of the Day page yet?  

Today Vulli Sofie the Giraffe is $17.31, compared to $25.00, which is 30% off the retail price.   It’s listed under Today’s Deals for Baby and Toddler Toys.    I remember thinking I would NEVER pay that much for something that looks and sounds like a dog toy.  When I came across a $10 off coupon in a magazine, I had to see what all these 5 star reviews were about.  Next thing you know, Sofie arrived in our mail 2 days later! My daughter loved Sofie, and still plays with her on occasion.  Before she was teething Sofie entertained her on the changing table.  She started teething at 3 months old and from that point on wherever we went  Sofie was there covered in spit. I was petrified to lose her.  As you can see to the left, she used her so much that the spots no longer exist on it!

Today there are some great deals on Britax Car Seats too, another thing I splurged on.  In my eyes, you can NOT put a price tag on your child’s safety in a vehicle!

The deals are updated daily for you.  Be sure to check them out if you are in need of something, have a baby shower gift to buy, a first birthday party to attend, or want to spoil the cutest baby you know!  I do a lot of online shopping through Amazon because I trust their reviews, you can find great prices, and mostly because we are so far away from civilization and stores that have what we need.

  1. Tracy Reply
    Hey sweetie! I nominated you for some bloggy awards! Click here to see how it works... xo T
    • Marissa Reply
      You are awesome, I'm very honored...and SHOCKED! XO
  2. Laura @ Stroller Parking Only Reply
    I love finding deals too, and recently I started trying to reduce my grocery bills by shopping sales, using coupons etc. I live in Canada, so it's way harder to be frugal here, because everything is more expensive, good coupons are hard to come by and stores don't let you stack coupons...I also splurged on a Britax car seat. Despite my attempts to be frugal, I bought the Advocate which is 400 dollars in Canada (got it on sale for 350 though, although with the ridiculous amount of taxes we pay here, it came to about 400!). But I agree, you can't put a pricetag on vehicle safety.
    • Marissa Reply
      That stinks about coupons and stuff being different in Canada, I knew it was more expensive to live. I think our car seat was $300 then went down almost a hundred bucks the following week! Britax is a great reason to splurge! Happy Monday!

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