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Way to go Jennifer Garner!

I have a slight obsession with celebrities.  It has died down big time since we cancelled our cable and I can no longer watch E News daily, yet I do try to keep updated online when I get time.  When I saw this picture on US Weekly it made me smile.  It looks like a typical family you would see on vacation playing on the beach! (Except it is hottie Ben Affleck and his family).

The picture made me feel better about myself!  I have been rocking a tankini for almost 18 months for two reasons:

1)  When I’m at the pool/beach/boat/Holiday World Splashin’ Safari with my daughter there is no sitting.  It is up, down, ra-ra sis-kum-ba…over and over.  I’d really hate for my muffin top to be hanging over my bikini bottoms during the chaos that occurs when she is around water so therefore tankini it is to cover the post-baby belly.

2)  My daughter likes to play the Peek-a-Boo Booby game.  If she doesn’t get what she wants around water, she has learned the “I’m going to whip your deflated ta-ta out for all to see so I can slide once more” strategy.  Normally, embarrassed and looking to get out of the sight of those that witnessed this tragedy…she gets what she wants.  With a bikini on, I’m sure it would be un-tied in seconds and it would be a full frontal flapjack sighting-not a smart move.

The pic also reminded me how much I love Jennifer Garner; she just seems like a down to earth celebrity.  I wanted to reach through my computer and kiss her husband (I mean her) when I saw this picture of her wearing more of a “mom bathing suit” aka one piece.  Thatta’ girl!  Way to be an actual mother and not some stick figure who is more concerned with losing weight before your first paparazzi photo op on family beach vacation 4 months after your baby is born.  Here she is with her normal family enjoying time in the water, playing in the sand, and not sporting a tiny two piece with an impeccable body posed on a beach chair sipping some cleanse drink, telling her nanny what to do.   I think she looks amazing!  Even though she will most likely be flaunting her post-baby body in a bikini on her next vacation, it goes to show where her priorities are.

It is great to see that she can rock a one piece and be complimented by US Weekly as “retro and sexy”.  Kudos US Weekly!!  Most celebrities are so caught up in the pressure to return to their pre-baby body in an unheard of amount of time that it is a total turn off to me (Maybe I’m just jealous though).  This goes hand in hand with my blog mentioning Jessica Simpson.  ENJOY YOUR BABIES and time with your family and wear what is most comfortable for you and allows you to interact with your kids!

  1. Leah Reply
    Totally agree M. I have lost all desire to be sexy, my goal at my age is for comfort and a girl can do this and still be stylish. My son always give me inspiration. He tells me "Mom--your not 20 any more". And about the boob thing--My grandson likes to put things down the front of my shirt when I'm not paying attention and then go after them. OK home alone--not so good in public, right! Anyway, you go girl--your site is awesome!! Love you Leah
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks Leah! Um, you look great hot stuff-I think comfort is key for anyone. I'm lucky I have a guy who thinks I'm sexy in a t-shirt and shorts...if not I'd be in big trouble! Give Z-man a kiss from us!

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