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To Some, I May Not Fall In Their #1 Mom Category

To some, I may not fall in their #1 Mom category: my kid eats off of the ground, watches TV more that she probably should, does not nap routinely, bites and hits, has a popsicle addiction, eats her grapes whole, doesn’t eat all organic, has slept on her belly since 3 weeks old with bumpers in her crib from day one, doesn’t listen to me, and has probably witnessed inappropriate things my hubby and I do or say.  Please don’t call the authorities.  To me, what’s important is that she knows how much I love her, would NEVER do anything to harm her and SHE thinks I am #1 Mom.  That’s all that matters.  I always trust my motherly instinct and I so far I am 100% (remember this for future posts).  Most days my house is messy and I don’t care because at the end of the day I am surrounded by love, laughter, and we live in the moment.  At this moment something stinks in the house…not sure if it is an abandoned diaper or sippy cup of curdled milk that jumped ship and is hiding out like a pot of gold, but my goal is to find the culprit in the morning.  Life is too short, that is why I try to find humor as often as possible and realize it could always be worse.

Almost 17 glorious months ago, I became a mom!! (FYI, I can’t stand crazy people who will tell you an up to the second age of their kid).  I FINALLY got to find out what all this sleep deprived joy is about and…I won’t lie it IS amazing.  When you are pregnant, every parent tells you how awesome being a parent is, to be in for the best feeling in the world, and how you won’t know what you did with your time BC (before child, not to be confused with birth control-hate to brake it to you it’s a little too late for that now Madre).  You don’t even know what to expect then POOF your entire being changes and you have a love you never knew existed, along with realizing how little sleep you can function on.  Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing that little face every morning; however, being a mom is…how can I word this, a daily experience!

I hope to capture many of my epic fails as a mother such as: putting the life preserver on my daughter backwards most of the day at the water park…poor thing walked like a penguin with a big grin on her face until it hit me that the tag was in front. Then you have the classic “did I/we just actually do that?” scenes you pray to god no one saw since you just acted like a total idiot to make your kid smile or laugh. I would pay to have on tape the first time Lovebug went potty for the first time and we had a Potty Party.  And of course the teary eyed moments of firsts….which I’ve obviously missed documenting a bunch but I’m sure I reminisce from time to time.  I apologize in advance once again for my all over the place banter, grammatical errors, swears, crazy opinions, or things I find comical you may not…but hope you enjoy my two cents!

I’m really excited about my new hobby.  I will try my best not to be found guilty of BUI, Blogging Under the Influence.  No guarantees though…when I was a “city girl” I used to have a bad Drinking and Dialing problem in my mid-twenties, then as technology advanced it lead to drinking and texting/myspacing/facebooking.  I’m not as much fun as I used to be; there is no McFaddens (my favorite bar in RI) in the country. However, not going to lie it could happen.  Another issue, the internet never sleeps people, this could be bad for my insomnia problem.

FYI-Blogging is my new knitting, I just pray to god I’m better at blogging than knitting.  Below is one of the only finished projects I completed…not sure what it is.  I’ll leave that to your imagination.

  1. Nicole Reply
    This is you, Maris, through & through. I love it. Keep the words coming. :)
  2. Peggy Newton Reply
    I finally had a fewminutes and sat down and read all your blogs. You did a great job.I remember when you first became a Hoosier,I didnt know how you would do. You fit right in with the rest of us.I havent been around your daughter a lot- but I can honestly say never seen Wessie happier. Keep up the good work---I cant wait to hear all about the snake. Love you guys -Peggy
  3. Patti Reply
    Three kids later, and I hear you. You do the best you can with what you've got, and hope that the mistakes you make don't cost them TOO much in therapy later on (but I've always said that if I don't cost them at least a grand or 2, I did it wrong). Happy Motherhood!
    • Marissa Reply
      This gave me a great chuckle, thanks for your feedback!
  4. haley brunetti Reply
    Mariss!!!!!!! Love this<3 Its very tiring hearing what the correct thing to do as a mother is. I say love is the far most important, all the other bs will work itself out. every child and parent are different but the love we feel brings us together!! Xo
    • Marissa Reply
      Live, Love, Laugh! That is what our day consists of typically...sometimes life happens and we have a bad day. I am not a fan of people who only want you to do it THEIR way or are Product Pushers. I know what worked for us so I would love to share that with people who maybe researching some options. How you do your hair everyday works for you, but wouldn't work for me, right? Sorry I had to reference hair because I miss my favorite hairdresser! I hope all is well with you and little man and you enjoy the blog.
  5. Lisa and Macy Reply
    There's my banana hammock! LOL Love the blog!! Love you!
    • Marissa Reply
      I wish I could replicate my work of art but, I unfortunately can't. I wish I could whip up Macy a birthday hat. Can't believe she is going to be ONE. So glad you like it!
  6. Lauren Reply
    I love this! It's a beautiful, honest, fresh, and pure perspective! I hope that I am as relaxed as you are when I become a mom some day. Keep 'em coming! I can't wait to read more and more!! Love you!
    • Marissa Reply
      Relaxed?!?! Oh girl, I wish I could be considered a "relaxed" know me, I'm always pretty honest and up front but in reality I am a hot mess just trying to find her way in Motherhood. You will be a fabulous mom, BELIEVE me! I'm glad you like!
  7. Lynn Reply
    Love it....I will def be following U!!
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks SO much Lynn!
  8. Kathie Lachance Reply
    I loved reading this! How wonderful to not take things so seriously and to be able to enjoy all the precious Mommy moments that will become a memory sooner than you want it too! Thank you for making me smile and reflect today!
    • Marissa Reply
      So glad I could make you smile! I try to take "mental snapshots" when I take it all in because I know before you know it she will be all grown up. Hope all is well in sunny Florida!
  9. Sara H Reply
    You are so AWESOME! I love reading blogs and yours will be one i continually check up on. Love uuu!
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks girlie! I appreciate it-LOVES
  10. jamie Reply
    you were made for this. You are and an awesome mom, wife and FRIEND! Loves:)
    • Marissa Reply
      Aren't you the sweetest?!?! I appreciate your kind words-right back at you! Hugs!
  11. Laura Reply
    Thanks for making me LOL. Jeremy asked what r you reading. Ha!! Love it n keep them coming!!
    • Marissa Reply
      You know how it goes, we are normally going through a lot of this together! Hope to keep you laughing out loud!
  12. gail Reply
    what a refreshing, humorous, and honest blog. it is so nice to know that one can be an imperfect and happy person and mom. great insights into everyday life and what is important to children and their mom's emotional lives. can't wait to hear more. good luck on any future craft projects or hobbies. loves
    • Marissa Reply
      I try to keep it "real" and know no one is perfect! I have decided to stay away from any real craft projects, especially clay...god only knows what I could produce then! LOVES

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