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Things You Really Don’t Need, But Can Make Travel With A Child Easier!

This post is Part 4 of my travel series: Traveling with a Baby!

I hope you have enjoyed my travel series!   And, most importantly, that you were able to pick up one or two tips before you travel.  Before I conclude my travel series, I need to conclude with a last few tips.

Make your child feel “home” while on the road.  Bring items with you that have the smell, look, and feel to remind them of home.  We can’t go anywhere without her awesome “Lovey”, Mr. Bunny, a Bunnies by the Bay Buddy Blanket.  It has been washed weekly and dragged around since she was born, and she doesn’t put it down.  This was the best shower gift!  I will be sure my next kid has one and I have purchased “Bunny” for shower gifts.  Many other blankets like this fall apart easily and are not even close to being as soft!

For the first 3 trips we brought her Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Sea Horse.  It soothed her and had been in the crib with her every night.  On our last trip she took her new favorite night-time soother, My Pal Violet made by Leap Frog (My Pal Scout would be more suitable for boys) and they are both GREAT first birthday gifts.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements:  Be sure if you are staying in a hotel to call ahead to see if they have a crib.  If you have friends in the area, ask around to see if you can borrow a Pack N Play (PNP).  My mom scored a basic PNP from a yard sale.  If you need to purchase one you can’t go wrong with any Graco Pack N Play.  I don’t think it is necessary to have one with all of the bells and whistles.  Not sure what we will do on our next trips since she was not too comfortable in the PNP.  I’m thinking about purchasing a Cozy Kidz Airbed, the reviews are decent.  Anyone have any tips for me?

High Chair:  We were very lucky to be able to borrow a high chair from a friend, and it was a lifesaver.  If you are traveling back and forth with family it is WELL WORTH investing in the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat to leave with them-the reviews speak for themselves!

Nightlight: I use the Flashlight app on my IPhone (free of charge) which helped when I couldn’t see anything in the room I was staying with.  Ideally, it would be worth the investment to purchase a Mobi Glowmate Junior just for travel.  You can get it on sale cheap, it’s on my “wish list”.

Travel Gate:  Obviously, a portable travel gate won’t fit in a suitcase!  But, if you are as petrified of stairs as I am and are going on a road trip, The Evenflo Crosstown Portable Soft Portable Travel Gate is a great.  I have wonderful things about this gate, it folds out easy and will fit in just about any doorway or opening.

Diaper Bag:  Of course you can’t forget your diaper bag packed strategically with everyday items: diapers, wipes, Destin, hand sanitizer and wipes, Tylenol, food, bib, extra socks, formula, snacks, etc.  Most importantly don’t forget if you don’t have something, you can always make a pit stop to buy it.  You want to be sure you pack an extra set of clothes for you and your child in it.  I actually switched to a backpack these last few trips.  I always clipped my Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser to my diaper bag when traveling to put diapers in after they are changed.  This way if there isn’t a trash bag in the vicinity you are not carrying around a diaper oozing pee or poo.  I also use it for wet clothes or dirty clothes.  These have been a great help.  You can buy just the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Bag Refill in 36 counts.    I also had a JJ Cole Pacifier Pod attached at all times for easy access.  I never lost it in all of my travel.  It provided easy access for a pacifier when she was using them.

Be sure you have any items considered liquid set together in a quart size baggie, and that they are 3oz or smaller prior to going through security.  Security always went smoothly for us, well until this last trip they advised me that the stroller had registered for having explosives on it!!  I was like WHAT?!?  My poor daughter had to watch me get felt up by the TSA agent, luckily she sat patiently in the stroller.  Then all of our carry-on bags had to get searched.  Funtimes-another reason why you want to get to the airport earlier!

Well I’ve finished my preaching on traveling for now, BON VOYAGE…until our next trip!

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