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The Quick Split: One Mommy Gadget You Can’t Live Without

It’s almost that time of year, the holidays are right around the corner!  Do you know someone who loves a good product that makes their lives easier?  Maybe a mom/friend/babysitter/wife/Mr. Mom/college student/avid camper/or co-worker that would like a cleaner and easier experience when out to eat, or even in the privacy of their own home?  Have you ever been out to eat with your child (or husband?) needs help cutting up their food?

Are you looking for a new “go-to bridal shower gift?” Or even a first birthday present every mom will appreciate?

Stop what you are doing right now and check out The Quick Split.

Picture this-there is no silverware at the table yet, and if so it is the dollar store flimsy crap plastic cutlery?  You know the kind when the fork breaks as you are trying to cut and you totally act cool calm and collected and remove the piece from food and continue eating?

Well look no further as I introduce to you a product called The Quick Split…not to be confused with a mini-pizza cutter…It is SO MUCH MORE-it is a handy, super-convenient, fabulous food cutter you can whip out of your purse/diaper bag/back pocket and WA-Freaking LA…you save the day!

Why City Girl Turned Country Mom hearts The Quick Split:

  1. I can cut up a hot dog, baked potato, grilled chicken, or pasta and meatballs in 20 seconds flat…when my daughter is hungry…(which is always) she needs to be fed ASAP or you would think the world is coming to an end-I am pretty sure she gets that from my hubby!
  2. Small enough to fit in my wristlet.  I have parted ways with my gynormous diaper bag and attempt to downsize, if not it is a staple in my “bag of goodies” I keep on hand close by!
  3. Sharp enough to ACTUALLY cut food-I mean practically anything…Apples, cheese, kiwi, pizza, chicken parm, I have tried it on mostly everything!  I actually utilize more at home (we don’t go out to eat much since we live in the boonies and are trying to save money!)
  4. I feel like a pretty cool mom when I use it.  Men like their electronics, moms like their gadgets!  And I also like to tell everyone I know about it.  I can’t lie, I love to whip that bad boy out to cut up foods.
  5. It always goes on vacation with me!  We travel a lot, and we will be taking it on our cruise this winter.
  6. It is super easy to clean (aka dishwasher safe)…which you know I hate washing dishes- so Marissa likey.
  7. The cover actually stays on (hence childproof) and is sturdy-the product itself is extremely durable.
  8. It is MADE IN THE USA and the local Mompreneur is from Indiana!
  9. Oh and it doesn’t get better than free shipping!
  10. It isn’t JUST for moms…if you camp or travel for business or pleasure often this is a great product to have on hand!

Do you have any fun products to share that make your life easier as a mom?  If so, please let me know!  Sharing is Caring CGTCM Fans!

  1. Tracy @ Momaical Reply
    Cool to use and FAR more sanitary than chopping up a hot dog with your keys at a public restaurant. ;)
  2. sue diamond-phillips Reply
    My first thought was how my husband would make this into something crass. But it looks pretty cool! i adore interesting products:)

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