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Proud to be an American!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  We made it safe to Iowa, left at 6pm and rolled in at 1:30am and our two travelers were amazing!  So glad I can drive more than 30 minutes now without having to listen to crying the entire time.  I really can’t believe I haven’t caved and just put her forward facing.  I know it is so much safer for her but she is starting to get smushed back there and obviously it is more convenient for me if she needs something.  But, I’m going to stick it out till she is two.  If there is any product I wouldn’t skimp on are car seats.  I was VERY fortunate to be handed down the Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System and LOVED both the car seat and stroller.  By the time we breed again, it will most likely be “expired” and I would seriously consider buying a new one to use if/when we have another.

Since my peanut was so small, we got great use of the infant car seat.  We switched to the Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat when she was almost a year old.  My college friends are awesome and bought it for us-it is pricey, but in my eyes worth EVERY penny if you read the reviews and specs.  FYI: you can find some BIG time deals when they go on sale; if I remember correctly, they have a semi-annual sale right now where it is $100 off on  There are other less expensive models that are great as well.

Today we kicked the day off with a morning boat cruise out on the mighty Mississippi River with donuts!  Can you say happy girl, and how bad I wish we could afford a boat?!?  The kids were awesome and are so cute playing together.

Of course there was no way my child was going to stay out of the water so in we go.  RIVER = GROSS!  Typically my toes don’t touch a river or lake because they freak me out (Unless my intoxication level is at like a 6 and it is ridiculously hot out).  This was the second time I have ever swam in a river.  Seeing that we take turns watching our little fish, I ventured in to my waist I was forewarned not to go past a certain point because the sand turned to mud.  And that folks is why me no likey.  I will confess it wasn’t that bad and I did not consume one adult beverage!  We had a great lunch, a little cruise and then guess what….NAP TIME!  Oh what I give for a good nap, we actually ALL had a good 4th of July siesta.

We then went to a wonderful cookout and the fireworks scared the crap out of my daughter.  They were setting them off in the back yard and she was not a fan at all.  Hopefully next year we have progress, they kind of freaked me out too I’m so scared of them when they are too close.  They had a fish fry (I believe a mid-west thing) and the cat fish was amazing.  From me, that is a major compliment because I am a fish snob.  Being from New England I know good seafood and turn my nose up to Red Lobster, you couldn’t catch me dead in a Long John Silvers, and I have never had a fish sandwich from a fast food chain….and let me tell you, this was scrum-de-le-umptious.  My firework hating daughter loved it too!

Marissa tidbit of the day:  I am a review whore and I do serious research before I buy something or go by recommendations by friends and other parents as well.  A friend highly suggested the book:  Baby Bargains by Alan and Denise Fields to me and I reference this book big time, it was a big help before I started registering.

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