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Playtex BPA Free VentAire Wide Bottle Newborn Set

Playtex BPA Free VentAire Wide Bottle Newborn Starter Set

Once again as I mentioned, we were blessed with a reflux baby…severe to be exact! We tried Born Free Glass and Plastic and Dr. Browns Bottles and these were the BEST bottles. Note that I used the Wide nipple ones because they worked great for nursing as well. We gave my daughter a bottle at one week and she never had nipple confusion or anything. They also have a normal size. Just a heads up if you are purchasing nipples…I messed up and got the wrong ones at first. These were actually passed down to us. I passed them onto a girl that had a baby at the same sitter as me and was struggling with reflux and she stopped using Dr. Browns (which are a pain in the butt to clean) and her reflux got better!

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