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My Cat Is Cramping My Style…With My Hubby!

I have a confession; I am insanely jealous of my cat right now.

Actually, THIS has been going on for some time now.

Life gets busy and all, I know…but it should NOT interfere with our cuddle time.  If there is anything my hubby and I could compete in the Olympics in, it is Spooning! We used to have the stellar form, synchronized perfectly switching from side to side, toes pointed and all; plus I fit perfectly in his nook.  Look who else fits perfectly lately…I mean SERIOUSLY this cat is cramping my style!

Their relationship started almost 3 years ago, right after we got married and purchased our first home.  We rescued Rhodie and she is our first baby!  At that time she was a shy, timid, beat up cat, and we were told she would never sleep in bed with us.  He fell in love immediately because Rhodie would watch him play Playstation. (Something I really wasn’t a fan of). Over time I started to suspect she could sense his love and started to reciprocate…and I swear when I attempt to get close on nights he cheats on me with her, she glares at me as if to say “give it up, he is all mine tonight”. (as you can see below)

I am totally jealous…not just because the cat is all up in my hubby’s junk…but because I wish she would cuddle like that with me!  The ONLY time that cat cuddled with me (And by I mean cuddle, I mean basically laid next to me, she didn’t try to cop a feel or anything), was when I was pregnant and had no idea yet.  It’s crazy but I do believe animals can sense/smell it before a pregnancy test!

SO, here is a little shout out to all of busy moms out there, you know who you are!  Even though you are exhausted at the end of the day, be sure to hug your spouse at least-maybe even assume the position (not THAT position) and spoon to the left.  If you don’t, before you know it, you may be replaced by another pussy. You can’t tell by this photo montage…but my husband and I actually have a decent sex life, I swear.

Disclaimer:  No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this CGTCM Blog.  Just a wife’s feelings. Oh and probably human hubby subject since he was not aware of photos being taken.

  1. individual taxes Reply
    Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Taking the time and actual effort to make a great article… but what can I say… I hesitate a lot and don't manage to get anything done.
  2. Tiffaney Reply
    Oh how wonderful this story was! I had to go pee because of it! <3
  3. Happy Little Feet Reply
    Oh this is so cute. I did not know cats were so friendly. Great post. very funny.
    • Marissa Reply
      I'm not a cat person AT ALL! My husband on the other hand...he would have like 9 of them if he could. She actually isn't a "bitchy" cat luckily! Thanks so much-glad you liked it!
  4. nicole Reply
    OMG this is awesome... as a fellow cat lover, I totally appreciate a post completely dedicated to the "first baby" of the house - the kitty :) :) Jack loves me and I know that, but he totally chooses John over me more than half the time when choosing who to cuddle with in bed or during a movie! Sometimes he'll look over at me, sense my disappointment or sadness and come over to share the love (since I am the one who feeds him and all lol). I think a see a cat-fight over Wes in your near future (no pun intended). Loving your blogging, Maris!! Don't let the cat be birth control for baby #2 lol.... you guys make the most ADORABLE children. Then you can blog about having multiple kids, a talking toddler w/ a newborn -- mmmm :) Rhodie will totally understand. xo Nicole
    • Marissa Reply
      I am so shocked about Jack Attack-I so thought he would be all over you and not Johnny Boy. At least he can sense your disapproval. Pretty soon when that baby boy gets here Jack is going to have to adjust but I know you there will be no change in how much love you give him. Thanks so much-I'm glad you love the blogging. That's a major compliment coming form you doll!. Don't worry baby #2 will happen eventually...Have a great day! Hope you and that baby bump are doing great!! MISS YOU!
  5. dadblunders Reply
    Mmmmm.....I do note that your cat has become a "bed hog!" It is my humble opinions being a man, father and dog owner you need to push that pussy (using your own words) out of the bed. The one real benefit of having a dog (3 dachshunds I might add) is when they do decide to lay on the bed and upon occasion get their butt near my face I just say enough and it's off to their home away from home (a indoor kennel we own) They actually have been known many times to go in their themselves and go to sleep. Cats, on the other hand, are not all about the confinement. I wonder if your cat had a companion if things would get better or worse? It could be worth or a thought...then again you could wind up with more in the bed......yikes!!! Aaron :)
  6. Dani Reply
    I nominated you for an award because I love ya xoxo
    • Dani Reply
      If the link doesn't work, just go to my website. I don't really know what the heck I am doing :)
      • Marissa Reply
        HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I have NO clue my husband wanted to throw my laptop at me and he is the WORST because he is a perfectionist so I was like for the love of god give it to me. He thought I meant the computer...ANOTHER gets more action than me!
  7. just keep swimming Reply
    We had a cat that was totally in love with my husband. I was the other woman. It got hairy (pun intended) for a little while there. You didn't want anymore kids, did you?
    • Marissa Reply
      Haha...I love the pun! My legs are always hairy though since it is a rare occasion I get to shower on my own! Yeah another kid will happen someday probably. Unless he decides he wants to leave me for the cat. You never know...
  8. Cheryl M Reply
    This is funny...I think Wes will LOVE the pics in this blog;) I have to say, I am eye swelling allergic to pet dander so I don't have this to deal with but boy, OH boy, I would NOT get along well with this cat! No one gets in my "Nook", I too fit perfectly...I believe it was made just for me:) Good Luck, girl!
    • Marissa Reply
      HAHA Cheryl! I love that you keep your nook protected! He is a cat guy...makes me question his sexuality! LOL
  9. Brandon, from My Own Private Idaho Reply
    Reverse the roles: We have 3 cats and one is hers. My two know to sleep on the foot of the bed or sleep elsewhere. Her cat is a little kitty cock-blocker. Cat will wait until we're mostly asleep, then plant herself between us. She leans up against 'mommy' and pushes me away with her feet. Last night I swiped at her, and she swiped back. She ended up flying as I tossed her out of the room.
    • Marissa Reply
      Nice Brandon, makes me feel good it goes both ways. Our cat is so obsessed that when he rolls over in the middle of the night I wake up to him yelling "Kitty...Kitty..." she has a death grip onto him, clawing for dear like then positions herself. If you take her off of him, she will jump right back on. It's gotten worse since we had our daughter so maybe she's just jealous? Thanks for the response-happy Monday!
  10. Jennifer Reply
    Hilarious, Marissa!! And I have to admit, although I'd give anything for her to still be with us, I used to get a little jealous of David's dog. =)
    • Marissa Reply
      It's ok to admit it Jen...I may need to go to counseling because of this stupid cat! At least if it was a dog I could bribe it with walks and car rides. This cat isn't a fan of me. She did nap with us the other day but it is because I had lovebug with me!
  11. Tracy Reply
    Bahahahahahaha!!! Love you so much!
    • Marissa Reply
      Right back at you girlfriend! Have I thanked you enough for the Sunshine Blogger Nomination and The Versatile Blogger? I'm so pumped and trying to get the time to work on my response. I hope there isn't a time frame or anything...and I also want to think about who else to nominate. Hope you have a fantabulous Monday!
  12. Dani Reply
    Love it chica! Did hubby know that you were putting sleeping pics of him on here? Mine would flip out hahaha
    • Marissa Reply
      He has an idea...I started posting them on FB because no one believed me how obsessed with each other they were and I would tag him. I am really hoping this doesn't lead to a divorce and him and the cat live Happily Ever After...hehe! I actually had a way better post; however, I decided to tone it back. I didn't think people wanted a Karma Sutra with your cat post?
  13. jamie Reply
    I don't' think i even have to tell you what i think on the subject... I sleep on the couch alot just to cuddle my doggies! I love the pic of Rhodie on his back with the evil smile.
    • Marissa Reply
      I knew you would be able to relate! We need to come see those puppy dogs soon!
  14. Sara H Reply
    LOL ive been waiting for this
    • Marissa Reply
      I toned it you can tell!! Thanks doll!
  15. Nancy Reply
    Oh my goodness, I am not the only wife taking the back seat to the family uhm ahecm my husbands pet. :) I can not get in a 4 foot radius of my husband or I get attacked....when we are in bed for the night the dog creeps up the middle spreads out between us....if I am cuddling my husband at the time he crawls up and sits on me until I move....not some would think thats not to bad, just move him....however I have a 108 pound German Shepherd and there is not moving that big butt. Our dog knows we are getting ready for bed he will chase us in there and spread out on the bed to make sure he gets closest to my husband...and watch them "spoon" and smooch on and hug on each other....yes I am jealous. and I have secretly named our sweet little man B.C. (birth control) Thanks for sharing your funny post and reassuring I am not the only one dealing with
    • Marissa Reply
      Yup, I can agree with the birth #2 may never occur since she seems to really like his package. (Actually maybe the question I need to ask is, maybe he likes it a little too much in return! LOL) You're dog is a big boy...much harder to push aside than our little cat! Have a great day Nancy!

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