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Is It Seriously July?!?!

Seriously, it’s July?!?!  Crazy that we are less than 6 months away from Christmas!  Where does the time go?!?!  After surviving a day inside as a family, I’m in desperate need of getting out of the house.  I headed to my friends for a swim with my little fish and attempt to cool off since it is another record breaking triple digit day of heat.

You know it was a good day when I can tell I smell like a true Italian!  I always say I am the perfect mix.  Half Italian gave me olive skin, and I love to eat and cook good food.  Half Irish provided me with the blonde hair, blue eyes, and love for consuming adult beverages.  When I was pregnant, I didn’t care what I was having, or who it looked like; I just wanted my baby to have my skin!  Well, she came out with a fabulous tan color, so I was excited!  Then, I was told that she was jaundiced and her skin wasn’t going to be like that forever, and could be dangerous = total buzz kill.

I am happy to say my daughter did acquire my skin tone has some amazing tan lines and wears 50+ sunblock and a hat constantly (see her tan little legs to the left).

I swear by Neutrogena Pure and Free Sunblock Lotion SPF 60 and am OBSESSED with the Neutrogena  Baby Sunblock Stick SPF 60.  She has never had a burn and the other crazy sunblock that is all natural is way too expensive.  Last summer she was 4 months old and outside a lot so I put sunblock on her, even though she was in the shade.  Yes, I know that some say to wait until 6 months; however, I’m sorry a sunburn is way worse than ANYTHING that could have harmed her from sunblock and my Pediatrician agreed.   I was more concerned because although she got my skin tone she has her dad’s sensitive skin so we have to watch what she uses for lotions and soap or she breaks out.  I received the BEST hat when she was born, made by The Original Flap Happy Company it is by far the only hat that stays on her little head (and she lets stay on her head) and it protects her neck and face.  We have used it the past two summers, and get so many compliments on it.  The hat we had is called The Original Flap Hat.  I am sad to say I misplaced it on our vacation last week and I am praying it turns up.  If not I’ll be buying one for SURE!

I have no shame in my No Shower Sunday policy.  Actually, I can’t lie, since Lovebug was born my greasy hair and somewhat smelly pits seem to make an appearance more than just once a week.  It happens… and if I have nowhere to go, and no one to impress who cares?  Plus, I don’t smell THAT bad…or at least I don’t think I do.  Others may think differently, I know I am a sweaty beast by nature-my poor baby girl also acquired that from me, she sweats when she sleeps.   My husband seriously loves me no matter what.  Or so he says….for some reason he is still attracted to me with my post baby bod and smelly-ness.  He always keeps a flap of butter and side of syrup handy for my flap jacks.  Hehe!

I really don’t know how there are woman out there with multiple children who leave the house everyday with a hair not out of place, makeup done up all pretty pretty, clothes pressed and matching??  I am lucky if I get a shower in the morning, roll out of bed throw my hair up brush my teeth and put on any clothes I can find that are kind of clean and out the door I go.  If I do shower, it’s a joint shower.  Don’t get all hot and bothered…The days of showering with my man are long gone.  I’m talking about having my little lady with me in order to kill two birds with one stone, we have been doing that since she could sit up in the Bumbo Baby Seat.  That was a great tip someone gave me, saved me so much time and she loved it!  I would have seated in it, pushed to the back of the tub and would shower myself then give her a bath right after.  That seat was also great for when we were not home, it served as a great high chair to travel with if you purchase the table that goes with it.

It’s so sad, I shaved my legs the other day and baby girl actually stroked my smooth legs over and over-shocked out of her mind as to what was going on!  Mommy was hair free??  We did go swimming today, so in essence at least I was submerged in water.

CONFESSION:  Love bugs current obsession with socks can buy me at least 30 minutes of quiet time.  She is becoming a pro at putting them on and off…over and over and lives for it!  It cracks me up and no matter where I hide the socks (in order to avoid losing multiple socks) she finds them. I just provided her with a pair of socks to get the laundry folded…not going to lie.  Oh, the things you do to keep your kid busy!

  1. Tiz Reply
    Love your blog! And my little one quit, socks, even shirts she finds on the floor and lego blocks...perfect 30 min of real quite time! Yes Neutrogena is the best. lol and I love the shaving part...ohhhh mommyhood!
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks Tiz! I was so much fun to be pregnant together, even if it was virtually and also taking on Motherhood. Now you have another nugget on the way-WHOOP WHOOP! If you could see my legs right now, you can tell we have been busy.
  2. gail Reply
    i think neutrogena would seriously love your blog and all the other products that you have found so useful and 100 percent wonderful. great to know it's the little things is life that can make a child want to learn and master their universe. whatever works is a great motto!!
    • Marissa Reply
      I'm so glad you have found my products useful. I've got a list of Marissa's Must Have's but I'm trying to get them all together. They are recommendations I received from others or gems I found to make motherhood easier. Thanks for all of your comments and feedback.
  3. jamie Reply
    LOL. This is great!
    • Marissa Reply
      Great that I never shower and shave my legs?!?! HAHA Glad you enjoyed, I'm coming off a NSS (No Shower Sunday) and smelling AWESOME!

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