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Gold Medal for Perfect Dismount…From The Crib!

I think our daughter watched a little TOO much Olympic gymnastics and diving!  Thursday night my 18 month old to the day, 31.5 inches tall, and 21 pound “baby” displayed her first perfect dismount from her crib.  Even her bunny (lovey blanket) somehow made the jump, making it the perfect 10.

It was one of those moments when you instantly think “oh shit…this could get ugly”.  My husband and I were relaxing on the couch catching up on some Masterchef and playing footsies after I put her down.  She fussed a bit then after a few minutes we both glanced curiously at each other like did you hear that?  It was the pitter-patter of little feet entering the room with a little smirk and then a hop onto the couch with us.  I couldn’t help myself but to start cracking up laughing, seriously where does this child come from?  Oh yeah, that is right-she is my replica; my poor husband.  I jumped out of the crib at 9 months.  “So she doubled your time in the crib at least” my mom stated unsympathetically.  I could almost feel her shit eating grin through the phone and the whisper of….payback is a bitch.

We put her back in the crib and watched from outside the room as she hoisted herself up and wrapped her leg eloquently over the top again like she was mounting the beam so that was the last straw for that night.  We let her fall asleep on the couch and then put her back in.  I went to bed PRAYING it was a rare occurrence and that we didn’t wake up magically with her in bed with us.  She’s still so young and does not obey me when I tell her to stop.  How is she going to comprehend this is your big girl bed, now stay the F in it until 7am…or else mommy and daddy (especially) may lose their shit?!?!  People tell me they have their kids trained to stay in their rooms until a certain time and I am just amazed by that.  I hope someday we can have a child as disciplined and courteous.

SO…the crib worked well for the past three nights.  But this morning we awoke to hear her on the monitor chugging her water, a little crying to say get me out, then not even a minute later a major THUMP.  Half asleep my heart was instantly in my throat, I sprinted to her room and was petrified she hurt herself.  Luckily she was fine, standing up, just scared.  Last straw, time to convert her to a big girl bed.

I must say I love our Baby Cache convertible crib.  It was effortless to put together, lower the mattress, and now remove the front panel to create the toddler bed.  It seriously took my hubby 7 minutes.   Somehow, someway I remembered the “special place” I put the directions in!  Miraculous!  She loves the idea of her big girl bed so far.

It could be a couple of interesting upcoming nights of back and forth to her room.  I hope she doesn’t decide to raid the fridge and pantry, Daddy get’s his beauty sleep so he isn’t a bear the entire time, and most importantly she learns that this is her room, her private sanctuary to chill.

As I type she is taking her first nap in her big girl bed.

As you can see in this picture she attempted to put her Dora PJ’s she loves oh so much on (not sure when/how she acquired this love for Dora).  She raided her PJ drawer while we spent some down time in her room pre-nap.  I laid there for an HOUR while she bopped around.  If I left the room, she left the room.  If I shut the door, she screamed.  Finally, after she dressed herself in her Dora PJ’s she laid back, played with her Violet and asleep she went.  AHHHHHH!

There is one thing I wish at this present time I MAY have considered doing a little differently from the get-go.  I LOVE our Sony monitors and always have.  They don’t require batteries, came with two rechargeable monitors (one which we only used for back up because our house isn’t that big), and never had interference issues.  Oh and I we can go down to the fire pit in our back yard and still hear everything perfectly.  I remember the big debate between if we wanted a typical monitor or a video monitor.  I figured since we did not have two stories and had a small house there was no need.  Plus, if I did have a video monitor I would be that psychotic mom watching to see if their kid was breathing.

I had also heard mixed reviews on monitors with the video option.  We have great friends who have the Summer Infant Secure Sight Handheld Video Monitor with the extra camera and they love it.  Ever since we have visited them from day one, I won’t lie I was slightly jealous we didn’t splurge on the video monitor because it is cool to see your little ones at rest.  (Or lack thereof in our case most times.)  Now with 2 children: a baby and an almost 2 year old, they can scroll from room to room to see what each one is up to, there is a clear video and sound and you can see a good portion of the room.  It is great because they too just switched their daughter to a “big girl bed” and she is SO well behaved that she will sit in her room and play.  When they see her get out of her bed, just walking down the hallway she scurries back into her room and back to bed she goes.  Us, on the other hand will have to stalk our daughter from another room so she doesn’t see us and go bonkers to want out of her room.

Well, 40 minutes into her nap she woke up and realized I wasn’t there.  I got there quick enough to intervene and lay back down with her and asleep she went again.  Oh…I’m scared tonight is not going to be a good night!  But, you never know…she may surprise us!  Keep you posted!

  1. Sasha Reply
    LOL. One of those convertible beds saved our butts too - makes the transition so much smoother. FWIW, we insisted each of our girls go to bed in their own bed, but didn't fight too much about them staying there at 3am. They each went through a phase where they'd climb in with us, each got good enough at it to do it without waking us up, and the elder grew out of it (she's 3 1/2 - the younger is just turned 2 and still does it from time to time).
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks so much for the advice Sasha! Yeah, I am totally okay with her climbing in bed with us later on in the night once she is acclimated with her own big girl bed. She totally is at that age where she KNOWS how to play the game-if you ask her where her big girl bed is she points to I'm trying to hold strong for the first week. Last night was a 10. So far tonight went GREAT, she walked herself to her bed, laid down and hasn't made a peep. I PRAY I did not just jinx it but now that she can't roll out we should be good. She actually put up much MORE of a fuss with the crib and would cry for a LONGGGG time. Now if I can only sleep...this transition to a bed is making me really sad because she so isn't my BABY BABY anymore! Have a great night!
  2. Leah Reply
    FYI That was me that just posted! Not Linda. HaHa
    • Andi Reply
      In awe of that anrsew! Really cool!
  3. Linda Reply
    You just might have a future gymnast on your hands. She's so tiny and agile she will probably do well. Good luck with the new bed. Love and kisses to all!!
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks Leah! HEHE! I hope she is a little gymnast-LOVES
  4. Tracy Reply
    First of all - she is so freakin' cute I can barely stand it. Secondly, I am so glad my little one hasn't figured out this trick yet. Although, when she's screaming "GET ME OUTTA MY KIB!!!" at 2:37 am - I kind of wish she would hop out and crawl into my bed so I could sleep. I look forward to more adventures!!! Tracy @
    • Marissa Reply
      Awe, that is so sweet! Pray she doesn't figure out, the THUMP we heard scared the crap out of us!! Yes, I believe we will both have plenty adventures to look forward to! Thanks for the comment!
  5. gail Reply
    she is doing her thing and is healthy and happy. each child finds there way and your job as parents is to keep them safe. great job with your decision and again going with your gut. i love the way you share your info on product choice. expectant parents need to hear what really works. there are so many options out there. it 's great to know what really works and is helpful. keep up the great work!
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks, she for sure keeps us on our toes as you know!
  6. Heather Reply
    My son recently figured out how to get out of his crib,and my husband and I also found ourselves watching the monitor and hoping it was just a one time occurance but no such luck. We started looking at options since he us only 16 months and having the same crib as you guys we knew it would be almost impossible to keep him in bed with the side there so converting to a big boy bed was to soon for us. So with no luck in being able to find a inexpensive solution my husband & I decided to take the bottom portion from under the mattress off and we laid the mattress in the floor. Surprisingly it worked. He can no longer get his leg up to the top, and he is still safe and the mattress stats in place. Not the ideal solution but for now it does the trick. Sweet dreams to all!
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks Heather! I wish you luck, her mattress was basically on the floor and she was so strategic when she jumped ship that she would stack her pillow/blanket/toys and I figured it was just a matter of time. So far, so good...when you do go for the transition just try to make a big deal out of it. She really hasn't fought me at all to go down. She put up a WAY bigger fight going in the crib. Tonight though I have had to go in there and re-position her because her head was the only thing left on her mattress and she was laying on the pillows I had below the crib. Praying for another good night. It was really only rough from 4-5am last night going back and forth with her. As long as she comes to our room I'm okay with that! There is a cot on amazon that someone suggested I am going to look into which may help in the transition and it is only $25 bucks. I will let you know how it goes-maybe worth a shot for you when the time comes! Have a great evening!

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