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First The Cat…Now The Sheep?

Yup, it is true, there is a new woman…I mean animalactually a STUFFED FRIGGIN’ SHEEP is now affecting my cuddle-time with my man!  If you have not read about the inappropriate relationship my husband has with our cat, then stop what you are doing and read about it here.

<—Can we talk about this? I mean seriously…my hubby is gone on business for 3 lonely nights and 4 exhausting days and SAYS he missed me and this is how he slept his first night home?!?

Yup-not only am I disappointed-his other wifey (the cat) is totally disappointed he isn’t holding her like normal! Can’t you see how pissed off she is!

I absolutely hate when my man is gone!  (which is not that often, so I really can NOT complain) I feel like a piece of me is missing.  I have to give props to anyone that has a partner in the military and has to go long periods of time without their loves. I don’t think I could deal.  Same thing with people who have their partner travel for work consistently.  I understand you get used to it and it becomes routine, but there has to be times you just want them there.  Not just to help out, or for your sanity…but for a hug!  The first night usually goes great and I enjoy my independence.  Then night #2 I have the cat trying to dry hump me because she misses her man and my daughter is all “Da-Da?!?!” making me miss him even more.

I also don’t know how single parents do it without losing it! After a long night #2-days 3&4 I was SO ready for daddy/daughter time to take place so I could poop in peace and shave my legs!

I apologize for being MIA lately, have had lots and lots going on.  But just wanted to pop in and share his new adventures with the new gal in town.  I mean I know he is a country boy, but I didn’t realize he had it in for a stuffed Ewe.  I understand he was sick and lonely on his last trip-but THIS is stooping REALLY low!  (And yes, I will admit that I had to google “What is the name of a female sheep?” )


  1. Ashley@sorrykid Reply
    Ha! That is funny, does he realize he was featured yet?
  2. Dani Reply
    Tell him he doesn't get that ewe back until it can be used as a baby toy ;) I feel the same way as you when The Big Guy is gone. He's my other half and I am lost without him lol. xoxo
  3. just keep swimming Reply
    That is so uncool!
    • Marissa Reply
      I know-SERIOUSLY!!!!

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