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Embracing Spontaneity, It Does A Body Good!

Remember when…leaving the house meant merely walking out the door?  Spontaneity flew out the window after we had Laney; probably more my fault because I’m a planner and if it wasn’t planned then I wasn’t game.  Long gone are the days of getting a random phone call after a long day of work from my main man saying, “Hey babe let’s go on a date tonight”.   Not because we lost the fire and the spark, but mainly all of the planning, prepping, and packing it entails.  If we want to go out alone it makes it tough:  we don’t have a sitter in the 30 minute vicinity, costs involved, and exhaustion level.  If I’m at a level 6 or more, my @ss doesn’t want to go anywhere but be home with my family.  Putting make-up on, doing my hair, and dressing up aren’t really in the top 5 list of things to do anymore.  I honestly prefer to bring her with us…but know we do need to schedule some adult time!  Things are much easier now that she is older, off the boob, bottles, and baby food.

This weekend, impulsiveness made an appearance in our house!  Let me preface this by saying we normally have plans to do something every weekend.  We are habitually busy, overbooked, and exhausted by the time the weekend is over.   Some much needed rain appeared on the radar Saturday and totally unmotivated us to drive an hour to sit in the rain for our nephews baseball game.  It was one of those mornings you just wanted to lay around.  When we finally made the tough decision to skip the game, down poured the rain and away went our guilt; especially when we heard the game was called in the first inning.

SO, are you ready for this? Fast forward 6 hours, sun is shining, beers in hand, dancing, singing, swimming, and having a GRAND ole time on a boat!  With my permasmile on, I looked across the boat to see my husband, daughter, and family we were with having the time of their lives.  It was so refreshing.  I took a mental snapshot.  I try to do this often because I know time flies by; life is so fragile, and I like to take it all in.  I haven’t seen my husband look THAT care-free in a long time.  It brought me back to when we first started dating 7 years ago; it made my heart flutter with butterflies because he looked so ridiculously handsome. That instant made me realize we don’t have enough random moments like this anymore.  THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT.  It was right there and then I decided we needed to stop with all of the over-planning, feeling guilty about the “not doing”, and start living…without an agenda set 24/7.

For the next 7 weekends of the summer we are not busy for two of them.  We are making a family pact that those weekends will be designated with NO PLANS until the morning of.  It’s time to start crossing off things on our summer bucket list.  Whether it be waking up and packing a picnic,  driving down the country roads and stopping at pretty spots, taking a road trip to see friends, or setting up a tent in the back yard to “camp out” we really need to incorporate more random, last minute experiences in our lives.   I’m a planner by nature.  I used to LIVE to have my calendar full of plans in my mid 20’s; if I had a weekend with nothing planned it made me anxious and I’d frantically make plans.  Now, I jump for joy when we have time to ourselves; but unfortunately we want to be lazy when this happens.  I know someday it will full of events for our kids: games, practices, recitals, parties, etc. and don’t get me wrong-I cannot wait for that day.   I also realize when baby #2 comes I’ll have to be more flexible and just deal with being on the go.  But for the present time, it is time to embrace spontaneity!  I urge you to try it as well, it is certainly invigorating!

  1. Marissa Reply
    So glad you skipped it too so we could have some quality time together-had been way too long. As always, good times! :)
  2. Sara H Reply
    had a blast with the entire fam this weekend, it was a good decision for me to skip the cookout and hang with you guys, 2 days in a row? ill take it any day! cant wait to go again with you guys love you!

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