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Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Losing That Baby Weight Quickly

A person decides to breastfeed for many reasons, for me I took the approach if I could great; if not, oh well.  *FYI I am not the “pushy breastfeeding type.  Below are the main reasons I nursed:

  • First and foremost, breastfeeding is the BEST for your child.
  • Second, it was free.
  • Third, I loved my gynormous tatas.
  • Fourth, I was very fortunate that nursing came easy to us, I didn’t have any discomfort, my supply rocked, and my husband was supportive (probably because it was free and I had porn-star boobs).
  • And lastly, I was gung ho because I thought it helped you to lose weight (please don’t judge). Unfortunately, I wasn’t the person who was overcome by the “bond of breastfeeding”.  Probably because she was 6 weeks old when I returned to work and I pumped the majority of the time (PTF in breastfeeding).

Most of my friends who nursed lost their baby weight (plus some) almost effortlessly and fast.  I was hoping that I would follow suit considering I was large and in charge.  Just look at the picture to the left of me at 36 weeks pregnant, one month before I was induced.  Unfortunately, I didn’t start to really drop my remaining 15lbs until I STOPPED nursing at 9 months.  Coincidence?  Maybe so, but I have also read that some nursing moms retain weight due to hormones and/or stress.  When I stopped breastfeeding, my remaining weight fell off of me, and I said bye-bye jugs and hello flap jacks.  By the time my daughter turned one, I lost the 50 pounds I had gained and when she started running everywhere I actually lost a few more.  Whoop Whoop!

Obviously my plan back-fired and breastfeeding wasn’t the instant weight loss plan I thought it would be.  Jessica Simpson signed a deal with Weight Watchers one month after having her daughter to help lose the weight she gained.  She reportedly has five months to lose 50lbs, and will be given 4 MILLION DOLLARS!  Recently it was speculated that WW’s was pressuring her to start shedding her baby weight quicker; she then claimed that was not true on Twitter.  Reason I have shared my story with you is because I know there are nursing moms out there who are frustrated about not losing weight fast, and what if this is the case with Jessica.

The critics need to give the poor girl a break!!  She just had a kid 10 weeks ago and is breastfeeding.  I’m sure she is exhausted from feeding her every 3 to 4 hours and/or pumping, adjusting to being a first time nursing mom, and feeling some MAJOR pressure.  I can’t imagine the stress celebs are under everyday to look good (forget post baby, millions on the line, and your reputation)!  If I was having a tough time in general and I was her, I would tell them to keep their money and shove it.  I understand celebs livelihood depends on how they look but Jessica just took on the most important role ever, being a mom.  Meeting the trainer and working out for endless hours shouldn’t be her top priority.

I did not have the gusto to work out like a crazy lady and starve myself; nor did I want to risk my milk supply decreasing because my goal was to nurse 6 months.  If I had free time, my priority was to take a long hot shower, nap, or cuddle with my peanut.  I preferred to flaunt my muffin top and salamander arms in order to spend extra time with my nugget than burn calories; and quite frankly I was lazy and tired from working full time.  {Put 4 million on the table and that maybe a different story!}

In a nutshell ladies, don’t beat yourself up about losing your baby weight by a certain date.  It took 10 months to put it on; give it that long to take it off.  Enjoy your little one while they are babies, especially if you have to return to work soon after.  When the timing is right and you still have weight to lose, then consider a diet plan like Weight Watchers that allows you change your lifestyle and considers nursing.  If you are a lucky biatch who snaps back before your child can roll over, I envy you.

  1. gail Reply
    i breastfed over 32 years ago. my reasons were similar to yours, but basically the bonding with my beautiful daughter was number 1, something that can never be topped.God gave us this ability to use for many reasons. whatever your reasons,do what makes you and your child happy. this is my advice for any new mother and family. good luck and hoping you all find your bliss!
  2. Megan Reply
    This makes me feel a lot better, actually. One of my big reasons to BF is because so many women lost weight while doing it. Nope, not me. I weigh the exact same since the day I got sent home from the hospital. And I am constantly starving. She will wean in a few months, so I am hoping that the weight will finally leave my disgusting mid-section. :) Thanks for this post! Megan @
    • Marissa Reply
      Stick out the bf'ing as long as you can, in the end that is what is best for ALL! I actually read an article the other day about bf'ing makes you skinnier later on in life...oh wishful thinking! At the end of the day the weight doesn't matter-just that little healthy face that calls you mama!
  3. Tiz Reply
    I totally understand and agree! I didn't breastfeed because she was too nervous to latch on, plus having my birth complications didn't really help it. So, needless to say, I lost the pounds, yes, after a year...but I just adjusted my diet, and walked a LOT pushing a stroller, lifting a growing baby and milion other things at the same time. :) Great article and always looking foward to read you!
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks Tiz- I'm glad you can relate and look forward to my posts! I also knew we wanted to have another kid eventually so I had the mindset of why am I going to waste my time to rush to lose it when I'm just going to gain it all back? I figure I'll focus more after the 2nd kid. Speaking of which, I hope you are feeling great!

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