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Can I blame this on Mommy Brain?

I’m TOTALLY embarrassed to share what happened this evening…it isn’t a proud moment.

It is what my husband would call “typical Marissa“, and the family has named these stories “Marissa-ism’s“.  Normally these are moments that occur due to my lack of animal knowledge.  For instance, on a road trip home from Tennessee my husband spotted and pointed out a Groundhog on the road.  I made the comment that, “OMG that is crazy, I thought they only came out once a year?!?”

Where should I begin? Let’s flash back to earlier this evening and set the scene appropriately

7pm: I just returned from 5 child-free hours decorating for my BFF’s Bridal Brunch tomorrow morning. My father in law, niece, and nephew wore our daughter OUT while I was gone! (THANK YOU, THANK YOU!)

8pm:  Nice, easy, early bedtime.  Suddenly, I hear a HUGE boom, sounding like a bomb or close gun shot went off, scaring me half to death. The sky instantly opened up and it poured for awhile. I swear our house got struck by lightening! The house was abnormally quiet with her asleep so early and my hubby at his Friday night softball league.

8:15pm:  SOOOO, I decided to partake in a lovely Friday night Bud Light since all was quiet (except the weather) and I had a list of things to do for tomorrow.  I prepared my amazing Blueberry French Toast Casserole, packed up the car and my stuff for the day, and RELAXED.

10pm:  Well one brewski led to 3…and the safe arrival of my handsome softball player.  Next thing you know I am on the phone catching up with one of my fabulous long lost friends, Elise. She is coming to visit us and meet the Love-Bug!  I got SO excited, I decided to have another.  I needed to shave my atrociously (is that a word?) hairy legs before the morning when I would have no motivation to do so. I didn’t want to cut our long awaited ME (Marissa +Elise) time short, so I decided to multi-task and Rub-a-dub-dub in the tub.  I didn’t want to scare people at the Bridal Shower. I know I”m Italian, but I don’t have to act like one totally.

IN MY DEFENSE…before I tell you the story please consider:

My Father-in-Law gave baby girl a bath earlier AND I usually take showers.

This is how it went down:

10:30pm “Huh, Elise…my tub is acting up, the water isn’t getting warm”. 

(A minute passes)

“This sucks, we don’t have any hot water”.

(Time passes by a bit-us chatting here and there.  Poor “E” is listening to me rambling aimlessly under my breath about the water not running as strong as normal…yada yada yada)

Action:  I switch from the tub to shower function then back to tub to run the bath water. STILL no hot water…I drain the water, disappointed because I really wanted to relax and chat.  Then get slightly concerned as to why we have no hot water.

Command Decision:  Call in re-enforcements! AKA the supportive husband.

Um babe…we don’t have any hot water…I wonder if that boom I heard earlier had something to do with it?”

Surprisingly, I got a quick response time…which I was shocked at because he is glued to the first season of Lost. Maybe it’s because I created a drama in my head and verbalized it?

Envision husband looking at me blankly, almost pondering (a look I get often!)…pauses show and walks into garage.  I continue my phone conversation.

Reaction:  He walks into bathroom and turns on hot water on the sink.

“It’s hot Marissa!”  Giving me THAT look, like SERIOUSLY, you just made me get up off the couch for this?

Hmm…I look at him. 

“I wonder why?”  I question.

CONCLUSION:  Without a word, he reaches down and turns the dial to HOT (you know to the RED side?)  and POOF we have warm water!

I don’t care what anyone says…this is a typical case of Baby Brain + Booze meets Blonde Moment.

Needless to say, I’m lucky I met my Prince Charming to save the day.  Thank god he puts up with me!

I’m lucky I have such great friends.  Elise didn’t even make fun of me!

We did get a good laugh out of it, I hope you do too!

  1. gail Reply
    i am going to be 60 years old. so i guess i can blame my bloops on approaching senility. while walking back from our usual am walk, i noticed i had my running shorts on inside out. this is the second time this has happened. it also happened after a walked out of a dressing room at the mall. luckily i wasn't too far from the changing room when i noticed and ran back in to fix things. this time i was miles away and just laughed along with my aging husband. all part of life. things would be so boring if we were all too perfect!
    • Marissa Reply
      HAAA! That is great! I did have my bathing suit inside out the other public...on a boat...on the river and no cover up and didn't have a care in the world. I was quite embarrassed at first, but figured ah, what the heck! And thanked god it was my black bottoms and not colored ones that would be so obvious!
  2. Nicole Reply
    Marissa, Yet again another story you have my dying laughing! Love the blog! Keep up the good work. Next time you make a trip up to RI would love to meet up! xo
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks Nicole!! Would love to see you as well, normally I'm running around frantically when I am home. Heather B is actually marrying my hubby's best friend in Sept and moved to the country near me so I will be home Sept 8ish. I'll keep you posted!
  3. Nancy Hoch Reply
    This is so funny!!! I love reading your blog
    • Marissa Reply
      Yeah...I have issues! At least I can admit it-so glad you enjoy the blog. Not as much as I love your cakes! :)

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