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August…the Dog days of Summer?!?!

Happy One and a HALF birthday to my gorgeous Little Love Bug! I can’t believe it has been that long already since she spawned so graciously out of my “Who-Ha”…time flew, as cliché as sounds-it’s true! She is still my little peanut topping the scales at 21 pounds 3 ounces and 31.5 inches long-and can still fit into some 9 month onesies. Feels like yesterday I was so nervous about being induced, driving to the hospital thinking on the way home there will be THREE of us, the family I had always dreamed about…

ACTUALLY, I take that back, I was more concerned about:
• the kid that was going to have to pop out of my va-jay-jay.
• getting poked in the spine with a needle the size of my arm that could paralyze me.
• my husband manning down at the sight of blood and/or never wanting to have sex with me after seeing me spread eagle with a head spouting out of me.

What were you thinking about or did you fear most while you were in labor, or on your way to be?

I mentioned on my Facebook status yesterday how I couldn’t believe it was August and how this was by far the fastest year of my life. My intellectually stimulating friend KK made the reply:  

“How old are you? 31? This year is 1/31 of your life, which is a much smaller fraction than, say 1/10 from when you were ten. The older we get, the faster we perceive time is going. Just something that was told to me a few years back and it made sense, so I thought I’d get all mathematical on you this morning”.

That was too many brain cells for me to utilize prior to my first cup of coffee. First off, she bought me a few years, I’m actually 33. And secondly, it got me reminiscing about being a child. Remember HOW SLOW every year went between your birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or vacations you were looking forward to? You YEARNED for those half birthdays…just like we do weekends as adults after a “long, stressful, trying week” but in a blink of an eye it is Monday again. My mom booked a cruise for us back in January, and I was ALL excited; my husband on the other hand, had the mentality of, it is too far away for me to get excited. Well guess what, that feels like yesterday it was booked, and it is now only about 150 days away. I started my excel sheet of things to pack yesterday. I KNOW PSYCHOOOOOOO! By the way, any tips on cruising with a Toddler, please send my way.

I’m rambling this morning, I woke up with an awful sore throat and feel like poo-poo-caa-caa and have been pushing fluids, popsicles, and sucking on a few corroded cough drops I found half opened in my purse. When you are a mom, you can’t afford to be sick and there are NO sick days involved. Especially, with my child! I’m hoping I can bounce back for a visit to Holiday World Splashin Safari later this afternoon for a swim.

On the news they referred to August as “The Dog Days of Summer”. I sure hope it isn’t as hot as July because I felt like a dog most of the month lying around from the heat and humidity. Not like a dog in heat people…get your mind out of the gutters! Be sure to take some time to breathe, relax a tad, and create memories this month. I plan to make many “Marissa Mental Snapshots” before this hot summer comes to an end.  No flashy expensive trips, probably just watching my daughter try to eat a popsicle or ice cream cone outside in 100+ weather then giving her a bath…I try to focus on the little things that matter most.  I know in this neck of the woods, my country folks, your kids are about to start school so that probably won’t happen, but do try. If you are in New England do me a favor, go sit at the beach and shut your eyes for even just a minute and take it all in. The smells, the breezes, the sounds…Then go mail me a lobster, clam cakes and chowder…YUM. Thanks!

Before you know it, we will be cuddled up in sweatshirts watching football (GO PATRIOTS), going apple picking, or sipping hot chocolate by the campfire reminiscing about how hot the non-existent summer was because it flew by too fast. Next thing you know the stores will have the Christmas decorations out the day after Halloween, forcing society to adapt to how fast paced our lives have become. Then, before you know it Santa will be here, we will ring in 2013, and my arse will be in a lounge chair sipping on a Bahama Mama (TBD if it is an alcolholic or virigin adult beverage) blogging about our cruising adventures with our toddler who would be approaching her 2nd birthday. PUKE!

  1. Meghan Reply
    And we brought our BOB stroller, but my daughter also will never sit in a stroller, so it was almost useless. We stored it on the balcony. We forced her into it if she was tired of walking and whining to be held on walks around town.
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks! Did you guys do excursions with her? BTW so sorry for all of the questions!
  2. Meghan Reply
    Just saw this message. We cruised on Norwegian. We also had a balcony, which was very nice. They were strict about the child being 2 to be a part of the "daycare" option. Like I said, we didn't use it, but I know that children under 2, even if 23 months, were not allowed. Oh! and another word of caution. There is apparently a rule from the CDC vessel sanitation program that children are NOT allowed to swim with diapers, even swim diapers. My daughter was not potty trained at the time. We were not able to put a swim diaper on her so I had to let her go in the pool without and essentially pretend that she was trained. I was certain that she would not poop in the water (she never has, and wouldn't be comfortable), so I felt okay doing it, but don't even bother trying with a swim diaper. We saw them actually stop a child from going in the water. This podcast from the CDC will tell you about it:
    • Marissa Reply
      Meghan, you rule! I saw that about the swimming in the pool and planned to go the same route you did it is rare she ever poops while swimming or in the pool and if so I know the "poop face" good enough to grab her and go. One less thing to pack, right? That sucks if they don't budge on daycare...I hope Royal Caribbean lets us. If you think of any other tips let me know. Someone suggested bringing a blow up pool for showers or to put outside on the balcony and fill with water. I think she will do fine in the shower, but thought the pool idea was good. Oh and to bring a monitor so if my parents watched her and she was asleep they could go in their room but still listen for her. I'm so flipping excited-thanks for your thoughts and input doll!
  3. Meghan Reply
    We cruised with our daughter in June. We got a suite, which basically had a thick, somewhat sound reducing curtain on a rod to partition our portion of the room from hers. I would recommend that- It worked well because she is not type to sleep with lights on or if we're in the room. I took her to the "Under 2 Zoo" almost every day, which had several programs for babies + parents. They also had a daycare type option with a room for 2-5 year olds, but they will not allow adults and my daughter would never let me leave her. Luckily, she still slept in a pack-and-play at almost 2 and a half. Good luck! She adapted better than I thought actually.
    • Marissa Reply
      Hey Meghan! Thanks so much for your tips, I appreciate your time. What cruise line were you on? I am so hoping that Royal Caribbean offers the daycare option for those just under two she will be 23 months right at the end of the trip and does great with strangers for the most part. What stroller did you bring? We actually have a room with a balcony (Props to my mom) so I'm hoping we can have some privacy for her. I'm also going to figure out some sort of sleeping arrangement now that she will jump out of the PNP too I'm sure. It's relieving to hear she adapted well-that makes my nerves calm a bit. I just hope she doesn't literally jump ship!!

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