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Always trust your mommy gut!

I woke up with a pit in my stomach because I had a dream my daughter was jumping on a bed after I told her 10 times not to (which is a current, common, everyday, annoying occurrence).  In my dream I was really angry with her and then she fell and knocked herself unconscious and I felt awful after the fact for being mad at her.  I have weird dreams that sometimes come true (If I dream you are pregnant…you better watch out) so I was nervous this would happen future.


After my heart slowed down, and I couldn’t fall back asleep (surprise, surprise) off I was to quietly get some water.  I was still on thin ice after I woke my husband up in the middle of the night, so I was on my best behavior.  I decide to peep in on my little angel to see how cute she is and instantly that pit in my stomach is back.







Half asleep, I peer in at her bed and she is GONE?  I instantly awake and realize she is on the floor luckily.





Saturday I decided to move the”bed rail pillow” to give her more room in the bed, which was going great until tonight.  I ran over to her to make sure she was breathing since in my cra-cra head I had already had her kidnapped and murdered when I didn’t see her in bed, I had to be sure she was alive.  Especially because she didn’t stir when I entered the room and gasped.  She could hear an ant fart normally and luckily she was fun.  That’s when I ran for my phone to take a picture of this minor panic attack so I could explain it to my therapist.


Moral of the story-I woke up and checked on her for a reason.  Her little head was stuck under the bed, if she would have tried to get up she probably would have freaked and Mom’s always know when something is up.  They can tell in your voice, by the look in your eyes, and mannerisms.  I have had a few instances when I knew something was up with her, and it was.  No matter what, big or small…Always trust your Mommy gut!  (even if it is in your dreams).

  1. Judy Reply
    OH, Marissa, I am glad you got up to check on her.. Love your stories...
    • Marissa Reply
      Thanks Ju-Ju! I'm glad I did too that would have been one big bump on her head and some serious tears. So glad you enjoy them!
  2. dot steen Reply
    I truly enjoy reading your blogs, glad you listen to your Motherly Instincts they are always right!!
    • Marissa Reply
      Amen to that-so glad you enjoy them!
  3. Sue Diamond-Phillips Reply
    Amazing! Always go with the gut.
    • Marissa Reply
      Yup-Mommy gut for President!
  4. Happy Little Feet Reply
    I know it is so true! Moms always know. Glad you saved her. It is so weird how moms are so connected to their children.
    • Marissa Reply
      It is AMAZING how it is to be connected to them. I am usually in touch with "signs"! Wish I could tell you the lottery numbers for this week, but can't!
  5. Nicole Reply
    Marissa I couldn't agree more! Last Thursday night I said to my husband Garrett isn't right. I asked him over and over. Sure enough on our way to NH Friday night (was our weekend getaway) found out Garrett had hand foot and mouth the sores in the mouth :( So needless to say Mommy couldn't relax all weekend and we were heading home Sunday at 5:30 am!! Always trust that gut. Mommy's intuition is usually right! Love your blog :) xoxo
    • Marissa Reply
      Hope he is feeling better! And SO happy you love the blog!!

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