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About Me

About Me
Let’s see…Born and raised in lovely Rhode Island.  I KNOW…not actually a BIG city, but WAY more city than my current location of Santa Claus, Indiana.  Yup, you read right people!  I now live in America’s Christmas Hometown and home to Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, with a whopping population of 2,000 people, where Santa Claus and Christmas lights are everywhere.  Why did I move do you ask?  Because I met the man of my dreams 7 years ago in Florida and next thing you know we are living in Southern Indiana nearby where he grew up.  Yup…the things you do for love!  We have been married happily (or is it happily married?) for almost 3 years, and I become more and more obsessed with him daily-which is clearly a problem.  He is my hunky country bumpkin, I’m not too sure what I would do without him and I am very lucky he deals with me!

I am a slightly crazy (but in a good way, I swear!), fun-loving, outgoing, loyal 33 year old “gal” living the life in the middle of nowhere.  I took on this new adventure called first time mom about 17 months ago to a “spirited” (hyperactive isn’t as PC as it once was) baby girl just living the American dream.  You know…pinching pennies, organizing chaos, occasionally consuming adult beverages, and guessing at how to be the best mom and wife.

Being a mom is the best feeling in the world!  But I won’t lie; it has also been the scariest, most fulfilling, frustrating, rewarding, exhausting daily struggle at times.  Luckily, I prepared myself that being a mom isn’t all flowers, hearts, and butterflies 24/7.  An only child, I have not been around too many “baby babies” and if it weren’t for my friends and family, I would not have any idea where to start or what to expect.  I started a list of product tips that worked for me to email out to friends when they got pregnant so they avoided the panic attack I had when I entered Babies R Us to register, and received good feedback.  I have a known Facebook addiction (which I deny…but I guess that means I do have a problem)  so to avoid intervention and avoid updating my status 10 times a day, why not start a blog documenting the antics going on in my head daily and the wonderful moments life throws at usl?!?

Please forgive me for my grammatical errors, (there will be lots of them!) I am not here to be graded on my writing.  I truly love people and my goal is to hopefully entertain, inspire, and provide my two cents to those who are interested!  Kind of like my idol Ellen Degeneres (haha, I wish I could be an ounce of her awesomeness!)  If not, at the end of the day I have something to share with my family about how much fun we had, and how crazy mom was/is.  ENJOY!